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  • Coming next – Ninh Van Bay
  • Île Maurice (2/2011, EVROPA Magazine)
  • P&H Edit: Bangkok – Chiang Mai
  • Chiang Mai- Bangkok (5/2010, EVROPA Magazine)
  • Vanilla-la-la
  • Back Light Experiments
  • It’s a mind thing
  • Sinfonia Veneziana (2/2010, EVROPA Magazine)
  • P&H Edit: Rio de Janeiro
  • Cidade Maravilhosa (1/2011, EVROPA Magazine)
  • P&H Edit: Magical Marrakesh
  • Red City (6/2010 EVROPA Magazine)
  • Viva la Diva (4/2010 EVROPA Magazine)
  • P&H Edit: Viva la Diva
  • Backstage Galore
  • P&H EDIT: A Whiff of Paradise!
  • LA DÉESSE (3/2010, EVROPA Magazine)
  • Oh là là
  • white on white


Dear visitors, fellow photographers, travellers looking for holiday inspiration – welcome!

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And that’s emosphere…

What exactly is emosphere? It’s a word we made up, emotions and atmosphere merged into one…
Our vision is to bring you a sensual imagery of warmth.

We want our photography to evoke your senses... and to touch your soul.

Dare to feel the beauty of the captured moment... under your skin...