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Viva la Diva (4/2010 EVROPA Magazine)



Everybody knows the images… You’d say they are shining green emeralds…in a sea that moves in all shades of turquoise and blue… The Maldives… Our next photographic travel job for the Vsya EVROPA mag… Honestly… there are only few jobs in the world we’d be as thrilled to accept…

Issue 4/2010
July-August 2010

The crystalline azure lagoon… a soft wind… a fantastic reef… and the heady, fragrant scent of hibiscus plants and orchids nearly everywhere…Dhidhoofinolhu is where the dreams of a perfect island come true – a charming resort island.

The typical Maldivian architecture dominates the resort scene… The colours of the villas by the water are warm and earthy – a perfect match for the sparkling white beaches and the crystalline blue of the lagoon. The aerial look of the guest villas’ and the restaurants’ perfectly complement the untouched beauty of the nature…

A feast for your senses… your eyes can’t get enough… the light and the colours so intense and pure… what a great inspiration for a bold, colourful outfit.

A rainstorm… comes and goes… refreshing for the people and for the nature alike… throwing a sheet of incomparable pastel light over the quiet lagoon.


Our personal dream road… almost 2 km to connect the islands’ ends and to guide you past those dreamy deserted beaches the Maldives is renowned for.


Our perfect day… chilled ice tea to start… Maldivian siesta at noon… and ray feeding in the evening…

A wistful goodbye… wishing we’ve left something behind… just to have a reason to return.


„Enjoy!“ …that’s what you hear the most on the Dhidhoofinolhu island. The Diva Maldives Resort opened in 2008 offering 5 star luxury facilities in a traditional Maldivian setting. Once the resort guests arrive at the Hulule airport, they are guided to the Diva lounge. Time to get a cocktail (or a soda) enjoying the view over the water airport. That’s where the holiday feelings set in. From here pilots in neat uniforms (and nine times out of ten bare-footed) will fly you to the island within about 30 minutes. The flight itself offers you a mesmerising sight. Little tiny emeralds – the islands – are set in the deep blue or clear azure waves of the Indian Ocean.

The resort offers 6 bars and 7 restaurants; the food is inspired by international cuisines. Locals from adjacent islands supply the chefs with fresh fish and fruit. The Asia-style Coconut Spa is located at its own beach section. Glass bottom floors let the guest enjoy the underwater world while being pampered with a four-hands-massage. Just how relaxing is that!

At the beach you’ll be mostly on your own. Strangely, the majority of the Chinese guests – let alone the honeymooners – seem not to sunbathe nor no swim. The beach plays host to a collection of pool landscapes inviting you to stop for a snack. The drinks are exquisite, too. But beware of the infernal chilli vodka we’ve got offered (with the best intent) by the resort manager – even if you’re Russian, that’s strong stuff.

Of course the island is a place divers will love. Or you could enjoy an amazing whale sharks snorkel tour. The encounter with this gentle giant of the ocean (the whale shark is a filter feeder and can reach up to 13 meters in length) is one of the most breathtaking underwater experiences. The island management runs a species protection program.

The Maldivian night fills the air with the sounds of music and the scents of the typical food evoking the Maldivian temperament of the dancers. The service is discreet and always very friendly. The five men who are responsible solely for preventing the coconuts from falling down them, too, will greet you from the tops of the coconut palms. The friendly word will echo in your ears for a long time… “Enjoy!”

How to get there:

From Frankfurt/Main Qatar Airways, Emirates, Oman Air, Condor offer direct flights to Malé.
Flight duration: 9.5 hours.
Maledivian Air Taxi from Malé to Dhidhoofinolhu.

Further information:

Several tour operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland offer Naiade Resorts reservations.
For further details contact Naiade Resorts Ltd., Goethestr. 18, 60313 Frankfurt am Main,
Tel.: +49 (0) 69 9 28 87 88 0,
Fax: +49 (0) 69 9 28 87 88 10,
E-Mail: Zentrale@naiade-resorts.de or Internet: www.naiade.com.

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