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Barely one city is as promising as Marrakesh, the mysterious, the charismatic, the mystical Marrakesh, when it comes to that 1001 night feeling. And according to that nothing could describe our excitement and curiosity while preparing the journey. And we were not disappointed. This town is authentic and exotic, adventurous and inspiring. It fascinates you…and once you’re in the city you learn very fast the negotiation rules: never show interest in what you want… as your first bid, offer a third of what you’re ready to pay… indignantly (yet with a twinkle in your eye) decline the merchant’s offer… and once you’re done, recount the change… We’ve learned this lesson the hard way, paying the tenfold for a glass of orange juice on our first day. An adventure… the real thing… Discover the captured moments in our travel photo report „Red City“.