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…Great expectations – that’s what waits at the end of such a journey. That is where the actual work starts… screening… classifying… sorting out… picture editing… Believe it or not, we’ve brought back to Berlin an image volume that could easily fill up to 30 double-page spreads. The magazine “only” would take six. What can I say, it really hurts to reject motives… discussions…sleepless nights… yet a lot of fun… until one day the layout draft was finished. Let us show you what didn’t make it to the publication… images that really make you want to go out and see the world… images that will always remind us of the beautiful days at Dhidhoofinollhu. It was certainly a great place to work, but we hope to return as guests one day indeed…

A huge thank you to: the island manager Dominik, Dolores the PR lady, and the public relations agents at MikullaGoldmann! Thank you for the great support and the fantastic organisation!